Catalogue for 24th October 2018

Estimates do not include the buyer's premium of 15%, realised prices (where shown) do include this premium. No VAT applies.

Lot Description & Condition Estimate £ Price £
A 3 hardback books: catalogues of The Watney Collection of Fine Early English Porcelain parts 1, 2 & 3, 1999-2000
10-20 36.80
B 3 catalogues - Sotheby & Co Oct 1973 including the Middleton collection, Christie's Oct 1981, Gilbert Bradley collection, Phillips Oct 2001, The Pinewood Collection
15-20 23
C 2 books - Early Lowestoft by C. Spencer 1980 (hb), signed by the author, Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum Vol 2 1985 by S. Smith (hb)
30-40 17.25
D British Blue and White Porcelain Saucers 1745-1795, by S Goss 2018 (hb)
30-35 34.50
E Book - The Illustrated Guide to Lowestoft Porcelain by G. Godden 1969 (hb)
10-15 28.75
F Book - Lowestoft Porcelains, GA Godden, 1985 (hb)
15-20 17.25
G Early Lowestoft by C. Spencer 1980 (hb), signed by the author
15-20 11.50
H 3 books - The Illustrated Guide to Lowestoft Porcelain by G. Godden 1969 (hb, no dust cover), Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum Vol 2 1985 by S. Smith (pb) & China Returns to Lowestoft by CJ Brooks 2001 (pb)
10-20 17.25
I Book - Oriental Lowestoft Chinese Export Porcelain Porcelaine de la Cie des Indes by JA Lloyd Hyde, limited edition 1964 (hb)
5-10 23
J A pair of framed monochrome framed prints, Rushmer's Panorama of Lowestoft: The Old Town & The New Town, each 69cm x 25.8cm
70-90 138
Thumbnail 1 Blue & white teabowl painted with pagoda and island scene, deep interior border
50-70 57.50
Thumbnail 2 Teabowl, two bird pattern with Oriental saucer of a similar pattern
Teabowl has 1 rim chip
50-60 55.20
Thumbnail 3 Pickle leaf dish, vine pattern, decorator mark
Broken and repaired
80-100 92
Thumbnail 4 Teabowl and saucer, green Redgrave pattern
Some grittiness to saucer
110-150 161
Thumbnail 5 Teabowl & saucer, dollshouse fern pattern
Teabowl has some stained crazing to glaze
110-150 115
Thumbnail 6 Polychrome sucrier cover, Mandarin pattern
A section of rim has been reglued, slight nibbling and stain under rim
80-120 92
Thumbnail 7 Blue & white coffee cup & saucer, printed pattern with pagoda and river scene
80-120 Not Sold
Thumbnail 8 Teabowl & saucer, painted with cornflower sprays, green line border.
Small stain to interior of teabowl and chip underneath footring
150-180 Not Sold
Thumbnail 9 Polychrome saucer painted with floral spray, double border with looped sprigs
Hairline crack
80-100 86.25
Thumbnail 10 20cm blue & white sauceboat, painted with fishermen and scenes, decorator mark 6
Cracked and chipped
50-80 55.20
Thumbnail 11 10.5cm blue & white patty pan, painted with moth and flowers
2 tiny rim chips
120-140 172.50
Thumbnail 12 Blue & white rectangular tea caddy with sloping shoulders, printed fence pattern, crescent mark
250-350 Not Sold
Thumbnail 13 Interesting 5.5cm creamware plate painted in monochrome brick red, inscribed MSL, signed RA 1832. Attributed to Robert Allen.
50-80 115
Thumbnail 14 20 cm saucer dish, Mandarin pattern with woman and boy
Rim chips, forked crack to rim
140-180 149.50
Thumbnail 15 Blue & white teabowl, painted with pagoda and fence, deep border
Chip underneath footring
80-100 Not Sold
Thumbnail 16 Moulded scallop shell dish painted with flower and leaves
Slight grittiness on rim
280-350 471.50
Thumbnail 17 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug painted with rose sprays and moth, garland border
Restored beak and above handle, 2 hairline cracks.
60-80 80.50
Thumbnail 18 8.3cm blue & white mug, printed willow pattern
1 crack
100-140 Not Sold
Thumbnail 19 Blue & white butter boat with angular handle
160-200 207
Thumbnail 20 Blue & white teabowl & saucer painted with tall trees and cottage
Body crack to saucer.
180-220 Not Sold
Thumbnail 21 23cm blue & white dish with scalloped edge, pinecone print and line border
1 glazed over rim chip - factory flaw
250-300 250
Thumbnail 22 Shallow blue & white 26cm bowl painted with river scenes, deep blue border with white flowers and dots
Heavy crack, riveted, small stained area
380-420 Not Sold
Thumbnail 23 Blue & white 30cm coffee pot & cover, rib moulded with scroll handle, closed flower knop with stem & leaves, crossed swords mark
Pot and cover restored
150-200 184
Thumbnail 24 Blue & white teapot & cover, flowering root, bamboo & fence pattern
200-250 Not Sold
Thumbnail 25 Blue & white chocolate pot with strainer lip & scroll handle & cover, painted with flower sprays & moths
2 rim chips, 2 hairline cracks, light staining near lip. Chips to cover
375-425 Not Sold
Thumbnail 26 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug, printed pattern with 2 birds & peony
250-300 425.50
Thumbnail 27 Polychrome coffee cup, Tulip painter decoration
180-220 207
Thumbnail 28 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug, pagoda & fence pattern
Tiny rim chip
200-250 218.50
Thumbnail 29 Blue & white feeding cup with Chinese garden scenes, decorator mark 5
Cracked and reglued, small stain.
400-600 Not Sold
Thumbnail 30 Blue & white spoon tray, boy on bridge pattern, decorator mark 2
Section missing
775-800 897
Thumbnail 31 Blue & white teabowl & saucer decorated with four floral sprays printed pattern, ex Watney collection, sold Phillips November 2000 (see Lot A)
Tiny rim chips to teabowl, small hairline crack to saucer.
200-250 218.50
Thumbnail 32 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug painted with Thomas Rose pattern
300-350 425.50
Thumbnail 33 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug painted with pagoda & trees
180-220 299
Thumbnail 34 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug finely painted with floral sprays and cartouche
Restored beak
240-260 264.50
Thumbnail 35 Coffee cup & saucer, dollshouse pattern
Chip to footring of cup, chip to saucer
140-200 149.50
Thumbnail 36 Teabowl & saucer painted with cornucopia & flowers with double line and ribbon border
Chip inside footring of teabowl, chip to saucer
140-170 Not Sold
Thumbnail 37 Polychrome fluted teabowl & saucer with scalloped rim painted with floral sprays
150-180 161
Thumbnail 38 Rare teabowl & saucer decorated with two figures in pink monochrome, cell border in red with green line
Faded enamels, small factory flaw to saucer.
350-450 Not Sold
Thumbnail 39 Blue & white coffee cup painted with flower sprays & moth
Interior spotting with factory grit
120-140 126.50
Thumbnail 40 Chelsea ewer painted with feathers and turquoise loops, blue line border
Tiny crack and factory flaw crack near handle
180-220 195.50
Thumbnail 41 Blue & white rectangular tea caddy painted with Mansfield pattern, crescent mark, sold Phillips sale no 31106
350-400 Not Sold
Thumbnail 42 Polychrome coffee cup painted with floral sprays
140-160 140
Thumbnail 43 Ogee shaped teabowl & saucer painted with pink flowers, gold sprigs and garlands
160-200 Not Sold
Thumbnail 44 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug, rose pattern, deep looped border
Cracks and restored chip, restored handle
80-100 80.50
Thumbnail 45 Uncommon ribbed coffee cup, two bird pattern
No damage but some grittiness
100-140 86.25
Thumbnail 46 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug painted with flowers and fence
Beak has hairline cracks
200-300 218.50
Thumbnail 47 Blue & white milk jug & cover, printed garden pattern, closed flower knop. Crescent mark to jug
No stem to knop
350-450 Not Sold
Thumbnail 48 11cm blue & white cream boat painted with flowers and two porters, decorator mark 2
Small factory flaw
180-220 195.50
Thumbnail 49 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, Mandarin pattern
Body crack to teabowl, rim chips to saucer
120-140 126.50
Thumbnail 50 Polychrome teabowl & saucer painted with rose, vase and table, deep lattice border
160-180 Not Sold
Thumbnail 51 Small blue & white sparrowbeak jug, Good Cross Chapel print
Chips and cracks, tip of finial broken
300-350 333.50
Thumbnail 52 Miniature blue & white sparrowbeak jug
400-600 713
Thumbnail 53 Pencil & gilt teabowl & saucer, floral pattern with insects
Small chip to footring of teabowl
250-300 276
Thumbnail 54 Polychrome coffee cup, Mandarin pattern, sold Bonhams sale no 15189
220-240 Not Sold
Thumbnail 55 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, cornflower sprigs and blue line border, inscribed MR
Bowl cracked in half and reglued, saucer has 2 chips and 2 hairline cracks and some discolouration.
200-300 Not Sold
Thumbnail 56 Polychrome moulded dolphin ewer, finely painted by the Tulip painter, ex Albert Amor Ltd
400-500 460
Thumbnail 57 Polychrome coffee cup & saucer Thomas Rose pattern, loop & arrow border
400-420 Not Sold
Thumbnail 58 Sparrowbeak jug, tobacco leaf pattern, decorator mark 2
360-400 391
Thumbnail 59 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug, Robert Browne pattern
Slight crazing of glaze, 2 hairline cracks. Finial on handle missing, glazed over - factory flaw, not damage
260-280 356.50
Thumbnail 60 Blue & white coffee cup, 3 flower print, crescent mark
120-140 126.50
Thumbnail 61 Fine blue & white teacup & saucer, Mansfield pattern, scroll & flower border, crescent mark to both
400-500 390
Thumbnail 62 Miniature sucrier base, 3 flower print
Internal factory flaw
350-450 Not Sold
Thumbnail 63 11cm fluted cream boat painted with houses and trees, angular handle
2 minute rim chips
300-400 Not Sold
Thumbnail 64 Small teabowl & saucer, dragon pattern, crescent mark to both
200-300 333.50
Thumbnail 65 Teabowl & saucer, Robert Browne pattern
280-320 310.50
Thumbnail 66 Sucrier & cover with closed flower knop, crescent mark
350-450 437
Thumbnail 67 Coffee cup, tobacco leaf pattern, decorator mark 2
200-300 460
Thumbnail 68 Teabowl & saucer, fisherman on bridge print
200-250 Not Sold
Thumbnail 69 Ribbed Polychrome sparrowbeak jug with scalloped edge, painted with flower sprays
180-220 195.50
Thumbnail 70 Polychrome dolphin ewer painted with floral sprigs. Sold Christies October 2002
250-300 Not Sold
Thumbnail 71 Polychrome coffee cup, cornucopia pattern, floral swag border
140-160 140
Thumbnail 72 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug painted with pink dahlia spray and arabesque round handle
Minute hairline crack
220-260 253
Thumbnail 73 Custard cup with rope handle, flower print
1 crack accompanied by light staining near handle
300-350 414
Thumbnail 74 Polychrome teabowl & saucer painted with stylised blue sprigs, meandering fern & dots with green line border
2 small stains near footring of teabowl
200-240 Not Sold
Thumbnail 75 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug, floral spray in cornucopia in a floral cartouche
1 crack
130-150 Not Sold
Thumbnail 76 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, blue zigzag and meandering leafy line with central flower sprig
Teabowl has 1 small chip under footring. Saucer has 1 crack
100-120 109.25
Thumbnail 77 Toy teapot & cover, 10cm, 3 flower print
Some staining where spout meets body of pot. Small chips to edge of cover
350-450 350
Thumbnail 78 Fine moulded cabbage leaf jug 20cm, with greenish blue glaze, painted with island scenes
Small chip on inner edge of footrim. Small hairline crack by beak
700-900 782
Thumbnail 79 Large Polychrome mug, 15cm, tapering form with a scroll handle, painted with a Chinese vase of flowers and flower sprays and a wide pink scale border.
500-700 Not Sold
Thumbnail 80 Polychrome coffee cup painted with convolvulus and flowering sprigs
250-280 Not Sold
Thumbnail 81 Polychrome saucer with cornflowers inscribed Jany 27.1796 in red on footring
300-400 414
Thumbnail 82 Miniature coffee cup & saucer decorated with three flower print. Cup 4.2cm, saucer 8.4cm
2 hairline cracks to saucer
400-500 471.50
Thumbnail 83 Blue & white teapot & cover, printed pattern with birds & peony, ex G. Godden
Crack around top of spout
300-400 333.50
Thumbnail 84 Polychrome Chelsea ewer decorated in the style of the Tulip painter
250-300 Not Sold
Thumbnail 85 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug, blackbird pattern
1 small hairline crack
360-400 Not Sold
Thumbnail 86 Rare early Hughes moulded coffee cup decorated with river scenes, 1759-60
Small rim chips
620-680 805
Thumbnail 87 Polychrome 15cm milk jug & cover painted in the rose pattern, cover with closed flower knop
500-600 713
Thumbnail 88 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug decorated
with pink flower
440-460 Not Sold
Thumbnail 89 Polychrome saucer, deer park pattern
Small chip to stilt mark
250-300 299
Thumbnail 90 Blue & white fluted teabowl & saucer with scalloped edge, printed flowering sprigs and brown painted rim
1 hairline crack to teabowl
200-250 Not Sold
Thumbnail 91 Polychrome teabowl painted with central flower spray and swags of flowers with gilded rim, inscribed 'Ann Gouge' in gold, ex Godden reference collection
3 chips, 2 with associated hairline cracks
600-700 Not Sold
Thumbnail 92 Polychrome Chelsea ewer decorated by the Tulip painter
650-750 Not Sold
Thumbnail 93 Miniature teapot & cover, 8cm, painted with island scenes, ex Gee collection, sold Rowley Fine Art November 2001, decorator mark 14 in black
Slight nibbling to tip of spout, 2 chips to rim of pot, 1 with associated crack
900-1200 Not Sold
Thumbnail 94 Small 11.5 cm polychrome teapot & cover, cornucopia and flowers, floral & looped line border
Crack around top of spout
350-400 391
Thumbnail 95 Polychrome vase & cover, 14.3cm, of slender baluster form, painted in the Curtis style
Small restored area to neck of vase
900-1100 Not Sold
Thumbnail 96 Model of a swan, with beak and eyes painted in brick red and black, ex Eileen Pull collection
5000-6000 Not Sold

Conditions of Sale

  1. The Purchaser will be the highest bidder. If an event occurs (dispute) between two or more bidders as to which is the Purchaser, the Auctioneer shall either declare the Purchaser, or at her option, immediately re-offer the disputed Lot for sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse bidding at any time, and to determine the amount to be increased with each bidding.
  2. The Vendors reserve the right to place a reserve on any Lot or Lots.
  3. The Purchaser will be required to give their name and address in writing and pay the whole purchase money at or before the close of the sale.
  4. Each Lot shall be expressly at the risk of the Purchaser at the fall of the hammer.
  5. No Lots can be removed from the sale premises until paid for.
  6. Payment by cheque for any Lot can be refused. Unless prior arrangement for such payments has been made, payments must be by cash.
  7. All descriptions and statements contained in this catalogue as to any Lot are made without responsibility on the part of the Promoters, Auctioneer or the Vendors. No such statement or description as to any Lot is to be relied on as a statement or representation of fact. Any Purchaser must satisfy himself/herself by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of each of the statements contained in this catalogue. The Vendors and the Promoters or the Auctioneer do not make any representation or warranty whatsoever in relation to any Lot contained in this catalogue.
  8. VAT does not apply.
  9. All purchases are subject to a Buyer's premium of 15% of the hammer price. If the hammer price is £100, the total purchase price will be £115.