Catalogue and condition report for 7th June 2013

Lot Description & Condition Estimate £ Price £
N/A A Book - Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum Volume 1 Blue & White by S Smith 1975 (pb)
As seen
10-15 25.30
N/A B Book - Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum Volume 2 Polychrome by S Smith 1985 (pb)
As seen
10-15 29.90
Thumbnail 1 Three sparrowbeak jugs: 1) blue & white printed Willow pattern, 2) polychrome Redgrave pattern, 3) polychrome decorated with floral spray and a pink lattice border
1) Handle broken and reglued, two cracks from rim, 2) kick missing from handle, small rim chip, long stained crack, one hairline crack, 3) some staining to rim and beak
150-200 253.00
Thumbnail 2 Blue & white leaf dish
Crack and minute chip by stem
325-350 368.00
Thumbnail 3 Two teabowls & saucers: 1) blue & white painted with pagoda and fence in island scene, ex JH Nurse collection no. 3, 2) polychrome painted with floral spray and sprigs with lattice and scroll border
1) Tiny chip and long hairline crack to bowl, saucer undamaged, 2) two small chips to rim of bowl and hairline crack, saucer has hairline crack and some restoration
200-250 322.00
Thumbnail 4 Two polychrome teabowls, both Redgrave pattern
Both undamaged
120-150 172.50
Thumbnail 5 Two teabowls: 1) blue & white long fence pattern, 2) two bird pattern
Both undamaged
120-150 161.00
Thumbnail 6 Two teabowls: 1) polychrome ogee shaped 2 bird pattern, 2) Mandarin green window pattern
1) Star crack to body, small hairline crack from base, 2) small rim chip
120-150 184.00
Thumbnail 7 Two polychrome saucers: 1) blackbird pattern, 2) Imari pattern, decorator's mark on footring
1) Hairline crack, 2) chip to rim
200-240 230.00
Thumbnail 8 Three saucers: 1) pencil & gilt with scroll & lattice border, 2) blue & white zig-zag fence pattern, crescent mark, 3) blue & white painted with two Oriental cottages on island
1) Tiny chip inside rim, small star crack inside base, 2) undamaged, 3) undamaged
200-240 241.50
Thumbnail 9 5"" Blue & white bowl painted with pagodas, alternate feathered line and blocked border
Hairline crack to rim, small chip inside rim
50-80 161.00
Thumbnail 10 Teapot & cover polychrome painted in Curtis style with a flower spray in a basket flanked by floral sprigs with scroll and flower border
Teapot undamaged, cover has section broken and reglued
400-500 483.00
Thumbnail 11 Teapot & cover, dollshouse pattern
Teapot has a stress crack above spout and some staining to body. Cover has knop detached (placed inside teapot) and chip to rim
300-400 552.00
Thumbnail 12 Coffee pot & cover, dollshouse pattern
Pot has heavy crack from base across body and stress crack around top of handle. Sections broken and reglued at rim and stress crack above spout. Cover has chips to rim
400-600 460.00
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail 13 Teapot & cover with flower knop, dollshouse pattern (fits lot 14 teapot stand)
Teapot has a stress crack above spout and some grazing below spout. Cover has a stress crack around base of knop, which has been broken and reglued
400-500 460.00
Thumbnail 14 Octagonal teapot stand, dollshouse pattern
1,000-1,200 1,495.00
Thumbnail Thumbnail 15 4"" Blue & white bowl shaped patty pan with curved sides and internal moth decoration
Some staining around rim
500-550 Not Sold
Thumbnail 16 4"" Blue & white patty pan, internal floral decoration, ex B. Watney collection
Small areas of staining and tiny chips to rim
300-400 Not Sold
Thumbnail 17 6"" Blue & white patty pan, internal moth decoration
Small areas of staining and one hairline crack
400-500 Not Sold
Thumbnail 18 9"" Blue & white bowl, printed woman & squirrel pattern
Long hairline crack
250-350 287.50
Thumbnail Thumbnail 19 Fine butter tub, cover and stand, printed zig-zag fence pattern c.1780-1785, ex Godden reference collection
All undamaged
1,600-1,800 2,875.00
Thumbnail 20 Fine early blue & white 6"" mug painted with river island scene, houses and willow trees. Double line border around base
1,500-1,800 1,840.00
Thumbnail 21 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug with floral sprays and sprigs in swagged floral cartouche, green border
Restored chip to beak
400-500 517.50
Thumbnail 22 Blue & white saucer, Mansfield pattern
Crack to base and chip to rim with associated cracks
30-40 51.75
Thumbnail 23 Fine blue & white egg strainer
1,500-1,800 2,415.00
Thumbnail Thumbnail 24 Rare cat, seated on a green mound and delicately painted with grey markings, height 2.25"
Restoration to ears and tail, restored chip to base
6,000-8,000 Not Sold
Thumbnail 25 8"" Saucer dish, dollshouse pattern
3"" Crack from rim, factory flaw to body
200-300 230.00
Thumbnail 26 Teabowl & saucer, dollshouse pattern
Teabowl has small hairline cracks & small rim chips, saucer undamaged
100-120 149.50
Thumbnail 27 Teabowl & saucer, dollshouse pattern
Teabowl undamaged, saucer has chip to rim
100-120 138.00
Thumbnail 28 Coffee cup, teabowl & saucer, dollshouse pattern trio, saucer with decorator's mark 5
Coffee cup has speckling to one side of rim, small rim chip. Saucer undamaged
200-220 264.50
Thumbnail 29 Coffee cup & saucer, dollshouse pattern
Coffee cup has 2 long cracks from rim and 1 hairline crack. Saucer has small hairline crack, gilding worn
100-120 115.00
Thumbnail 30 Small 4"" blue & white Hughes moulded sauceboat
Two small chips
120-150 195.50
Thumbnail 31 4"" Blue & white patty pan, interior moth
Heavy stained crack across base, hairline crack from rim
50-80 138.00
Thumbnail 32 Teabowl & saucer, Redgrave pattern
Both undamaged
150-200 299.00
Thumbnail 33 Saucer, two bird pattern
60-80 103.50
Thumbnail 34 Teabowl & saucer, two bird pattern
Teabowl has tiny chip to rim, saucer undamaged
100-120 172.50
Thumbnail 35 Teabowl & saucer, two bird pattern
Teabowl undamaged, interior worn. Saucer has crack underneath base
100-120 149.50
Thumbnail 36 Late fluted polychrome teabowl & saucer decorated with stylised cornflowers, the border having a turquoise line and a meandering blue dotted line with brown feathers
Teabowl has tiny chip to base. Saucer undamaged
350-380 506.00
Thumbnail 37 Early Hughes moulded blue & white teabowl & saucer, finely moulded and decorated, saucer with decorator's mark 6
Teabowl has tiny hairline cracks and one small patch of missing glaze at rim. Saucer undamaged
300-350 621.00
Thumbnail 38 Polychrome coffee can with ear-shaped handle, decorated with cornflower sprigs
800-900 1,380.00
Thumbnail 39 Fine early blue & white 5"" bell-shaped tankard, painted with a pagoda and trees on island. Rare decorator's mark 3
Long crack
1,000-1,200 1,610.00
Thumbnail 40 Hughes moulded octagonal blue & white tea caddy (no cover), decorator's mark 5
3 Hairline cracks to opening, 1 chip to corner of base
400-600 920.00
Thumbnail 41 Rare polychrome 4.75"" bulbous vase and cover, painted by the Tulip Painter
2 Chips inside base of vase, 1 chip inside cover
2,000-2,250 Not Sold
Thumbnail 42 Polychrome 4.75"" sucrier & cover, decorated by the Tulip Painter, highly decorated cover with upstanding open flower knop
Sucrier has 2 hairline cracks, cover undamaged
1,000-1,200 632.50
Thumbnail 43 Rare 18th century polychrome 4.75"" figure, naked except for drapery from right shoulder to left thigh, with hair in a small bun and floral wreath, carrying a brown and white dog and standing on a base decorated with flowers. Factory unknown
Some damage and restoration, chips and hairline crack to lip, another hairline crack
800-1000 Not Sold
Thumbnail 44 8"" Moulded blue & white jug painted with river island scene, decorator's mark
Heavy crack from neck to base
300-400 368.00
Thumbnail Thumbnail 45 Polychrome coffee pot & cover, painted with Tulip Painter-style flowers and arabesques
Heavily damaged
600-800 Not Sold
Thumbnail 46 5"" Mug finely painted with rare pencil and gilt decoration
2 short and 1 long hairline cracks
800-1,000 1,725.00
Thumbnail Thumbnail 47 Very rare early 8"" blue & white coffee pot & cover, decorated with water peony, flowering branches and a bird, c 1760. The knop is in the shape of an inverted spinning top. Decorator's mark 3. Featured on front cover of Early Lowestoft, by C. Spencer
Missing section restored and crack restored on pot. Cover undamaged, factory flaw on rim glazed over
6,000-8,000 Sold After Sale
Thumbnail 48 Early 8"" blue & white jug with flat base and strainer lip, floral decoration with large open peony and bird in flight
Spiral crack around body and small hairline crack at rim
4,000-6,000 Sold After Sale
Thumbnail 49 Fine 7"" bell-shaped polychrome tankard, decorated by the Tulip Painter, c.1775, ex Godden reference collection
Heavy cracks restored
400-600 1,265.00
Thumbnail 50 Rare pencil & gilt saucer decorated with crest of Townshend of Honingham, Norfolk
Stained crack from rim, stained spot
600-800 747.50
Thumbnail Thumbnail 51 Very rare and early open leaf dish with fine moulding, decorated with issuing flower and root, strutting bird and bird in flight, circa 1758. Decorator's mark 6 or 8 on reverse. Illustrated in Lowestoft Porcelain, Vol. I, G. Godden, plate 6 (reverse view), also in Early Lowestoft, C. Spencer, figure 111 (reverse view)
Terminal missing, tiny chips to rim
3,000-4,000 3,680.00
Thumbnail Thumbnail 52 5" Polychrome mug, decorated with turquoise line entwined with trailing iron red flower and green leaf borders to top and bottom, with inscription 'A Trifle from Lowestoft' within puce swags, with silver-shaped handle. From the CHB Caldwell collection, lot 14 Sotheby's 16th March 1934, also ex G. Levine collection, sold at Royal Hotel, Norwich 1982
Long crack from rim and handle sprung at bottom
1,000-1,200 2,645.00
Thumbnail 53 Fine blue & white pistol-grip handled knife and three-pronged fork, both 8.5"", painted with trailing flowers and star-shaped design at the ends
Both broken and reglued near ferrule, fork also damaged near end
2,000-2,500 3,680.00

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